Welcome to the online home of the Craft of Use

Our aim in this exploration of resourceful garment practices is to challenge the dependency of the fashion industry on increasing material throughput and propose solutions through sustained attention to tending and using garments, practices which add to a satisfying experience - beyond just creating them or the passive act of purchase. 

The knowledge, skills and ideas of the Craft of Use were conceived of and developed by Kate Fletcher, Reader in Sustainable Fashion at the Centre for Sustainable Fashion,  University of the Arts London

They are the spiritual and intellectual home – the ‘mother ship’ – of other work in the domain of design for sustainability that explores the social context associated with the of use of products, most notably the Local Wisdom project. Through an array of ethnographic data and design process Local Wisdom makes the craft of use of garments real in practice and explores ways to amplify craft of use practices. 

We look forward to sharing these ideas and ongoing work with you in the future... Watch this space! 

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