Use and using

Pay attention to the context and practices of use, and we start in train a process where we engage fashion with the broader world, with resource limits, with individual and aggregate human actions, relations and their material effects; where we take into account the limits and potential of the world for fashion to remain relevant. Pay attention to use and we question the assumption, firmly lodged in our individual and global understandings of success and development, that continuous growth in sales of fashion is essential, that more is better, that it leads to life. The context of use transforms fashion beyond the specification of a fabric, the stitching of a seam.

The ideas and practices associated with the craft of use contribute towards the qualitative development of society. They sit as part of an alternative approach to materialism where the intrinsic values of material goods and associated skills, habits and stories are revered and part of a change in the tempo, scale, practice and structures of consumption.

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